What Is It

Hot wings for cool kids.


To have an excuse to hang out with cool peeps. Also to eat wings.

How Does It Work

With wings prepped ahead of time, as guests arrive I put batch after batch of wings into the oven. After the wings are cooked, guests get to pick from variety of prepared sauces to coat their wings in. This continues until people leave or the wings run out.

Guest are encouraged to bring sides, alcohol, and dessert. You can even bring your own sauce if you want to share it with the group.

Is This a Real Club? Can Anyone Join?

This is a closed “club” for our cool kid friends, but you can totally start your own group with your own cool kid friends! Feel free to use these recipes for yourself. They are available for cool kids everywhere.

Wing Philosophy

In an effort to get the greatest diversity of wing flavors as possible (while not driving me insane by making it over complicated), all of the wings are prepped a day in advance with the Wings Prep rub and set in the fridge to dry out. Then they are cooked the day of the event and then tossed in one of the various sauces to finish. No sauce will be applied BEFORE the wings go in the oven. Only after.

I don’t use drumsticks because the skin just doesn’t get crispy in the oven like wings do. Also the sauce to meat ratio isn’t as good.

Why Do the Recipes Change?

I tweak the recipes each time I make them. I post the original recipe for reference but I tweak them normally because 1. the sauces are made to go on before the wings go in the oven, 2. they aren’t gluten free or 3. they are too similar to other recipes. The most recent iteration of the recipe is always listed. I provide comments at the bottom for reference and so I remember.

Why Did You Make a Blog of the Recipes?

Because I have a bad memory. This is for my reference mostly. I just left it public so friends can easily reference it too.


Wings Club is an idea generated after visiting our friend, Brian, while in Alaska. He regularly has friends over for Pizza Club. In his club, he makes a ton pizza dough from scratch and provides the toppings. Guests get to pick what topping combos they want and he bakes them up. I decided I wanted to do something similar, but since I can’t eat gluten (which both rules out pizza and beer) I needed to come up with an alternative. Since we make hot sauces frequently, hot wings seemed like a logical choice.

– J.J.